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 Rules/Ethics of the Faction-> PLEASE READ!

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Rules/Ethics of the Faction-> PLEASE READ! Empty
PostSubject: Rules/Ethics of the Faction-> PLEASE READ!   Rules/Ethics of the Faction-> PLEASE READ! EmptyThu Feb 26, 2009 11:09 am

Hello to all Crescents members, please take a minute to read our rules and expectations!

We cannot stress enough the importance that the atmosphere in our faction remains warm, friendly and welcoming to new and old members alike.
To provide an optimal experience for everyone we ask that you all abide by a few simple yet effective guidelines.



:We hope for every member to be on and attempting to level as often as possible given their lifestyle.

:If you must be away for over 3 days in a row we ask that you please write a note on the forums stating why you will not be active and/or when you will be back.

Faction Chat

:Bashing/Flaming towards other members will NOT be tolerated.

:Keep in mind that Racial/Sexual comments, while stated as a joke, may offend some members.
**Should you feel offended by something someone has said, either calmly send the offender a private message asking them to please stop, or contact an officer for assistance.

:Drama is not tolerated. If you have an issue with another member and decide to take manners into your own hands please do so via private messages.

Dealings outside the faction

:Concerning PK: This is your business although we ask that you keep it as clean and sensible as possible.

:Remember you carry the name Crescents above your head. Ripping off other players, PKing low levels, spamming any sort of chat, partaking in glitches, provoking drama and the like all create a red flag for our faction. Please refrain from being a nuisance to others as there are already enough people who do this on PWI!


:We will operate on the '3 Strikes Yer Out' policy.

:Each member can receive up to 2 strikes before reaching their 'Final Strike'. This Final Strike consists of the member in question facing a panel of officers who will decide on said member being removed from the faction or not.

:Should a member choose to provoke or partake in an argument in a manner not deemed appropriate for faction chat, said member will be asked by an officer to come discuss the issue.
**The Officer will decide if you have co-operated and reached an agreement on the issue or not. You may or may not receive a strike depending upon the circumstances.

:Should a member choose to refuse to speak to an officer, and cannot provide an adequate excuse as to why they are unable to communicate at the time of being asked, said member will be sent straight to their Final Strike.

:We ask that everyone abide by PWI's Rules of Conduct as well as our own.


:Please refrain from creating multiple posts as this clutters the forums creating unnecessary work for the moderators and wrecks havoc on the ease of use within the forums.

:Expect your posts/threads to be moved/deleted should they not fit the category you have placed them in.

:Once again, RESPECT your fellow factionmates. Treat them as you would your mother! Wink

:Keep in mind we do have younger members and while most understand the humor in racist jokes, swearing etc. try to keep it to a minimum or you will be given a warning.


Officers of Crescents

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Rules/Ethics of the Faction-> PLEASE READ!
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